Aluminized Type 2: Another Metal Jacketing Solution

Aluminized Type 2 is a carbon-steel coated product which is used extensively in the construction and maintenance of oil, gas and chemical plants around the world. As it is more cost-effective than stainless steel yet delivers better fire resistance than aluminium, the material continues to become more widely used, prompting increased demand.

Aluminized Type 2 is primarily used for jacketing over insulation and industrial cladding projects. The robust material is manufactured using a hot-dip process, in which high-quality carbon steel is coated with commercially-pure aluminium. This coating is applied to a minimum 300g per square metre in total and is known as a 'one-ounce' coating in North America.

Combining the anti-corrosive qualities of aluminium with the strength of steel, Aluminized Type 2 shows excellent formability, allowing it to be easily and successfully bent, folded, corrugated or roll-formed. Usually supplied in bespoke lengths as rolls or coils, the material can also be supplied as required in corrugated or flat sheets.

Securing this versatile material can be achieved in several ways, such as with stainless steel banding, rivet and wing seals. Screws are also ideal but these should always be used in conjunction with polyamide, neoprene or EPDM washers.

A recent development has allowed BS Stainless to successfully apply our groundbreaking DryMet moisture barrier to the underside of Aluminized Type 2, a product which can in some cases show better resistance to chloride cracking than grade 304 stainless steel. The addition of DryMet, a moisture barrier with absolutely zero pinholes, further enhances the qualities of Aluminized Type 2, ensuring it performs significantly better than paint. If Aesthetics is important or to further enhance the corrosion resistance we can also add paint to the exterior surface in the form of PVDF, to improve acoustic properties we can bond various PVC layers such as mass loaded vinyl or PVC alternatives to Bitumen (SoundMet and VibroMet). What ever your use we can supply Aluminized steel T2 to meet your needs along with the ancillary's to secure it in place. 

External forces are often wrongly blamed when cladding or metal jacketing systems fail, leading to a decision to replace them with higher grades of metal. This can easily be avoided with the use of Aluminized Type 2 so discover more on our website today.

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