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In many industries, managing the problems of sound and vibration from machinery can be challenging. Here at BS Stainless, we have designed and developed a number of different solutions to these issues. This edition of our blog showcases two of the most popular: SoundMet® and VibroMat.


Trademarked by BS Stainless, SoundMet® is an innovative, cutting-edge metal jacketing solution that was originally designed for the oil & gas industry but has since been adapted for use in many more different industries.

SoundMet® seamlessly integrates two separate components used to protect insulation systems, namely mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) and a jacketing metal like stainless steel, Aluzinc, aluminium and most other types. Using our state-of-the-art machinery and working to exact client specifications, we factory-laminate a layer of MLV to the cladding metal.

The resulting material can be easily formed and installed, offering exceptional cost-savings as it dramatically reduces installation time. SoundMet® provides a remarkable improvement in performance when compared to the separate installation of the two components, maintaining the integrity of the vinyl and allowing the specified sound transmission class to be reliably achieved.

Using SoundMet® delivers many other advantages and benefits, including better sealant performance where the jacket overlaps, reducing the ingress of moisture and subsequent corrosion under insulation. Metal-to-metal contact is minimised to prevent any incidence of galvanic corrosion and the life expectancy of the entire system is increased. SoundMet® is completely safe to handle and is also fully recyclable.

A range of thickness options is available but we can also produce custom thicknesses on request to suit specific requirements.



Vibromat is designed as a direct replacement for bitumen acoustic- and vibration-damping materials, offering better performance with none of the downsides. Safe and highly efficient, the non-staining, hassle-free material is especially cost-effective and can be fully recycled.

Vibromat is made using a viscoelastic material and has a self-adhesive base for simple, rapid installation. Though of the same density as bitumen and therefore ensuring predictable results, Vibromat is far superior to bitumen when it comes to performance over temperature. The thermoplastic is absolutely unique in its unmatched ability as a 'deadpan' product, delivering the ultimate in mass, acoustic and vibration dampening.


Find out more about our acoustic solutions on the BS Stainless website. BS Stainless: your partner for stainless steel.

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