A New Lifeline for Merseyside

A New Lifeline for Merseyside

For more than 20 years, Halton Borough Council have aspired to build a second road-crossing over the River Mersey. Their long-held dream is set to be fulfilled as work on the Mersey Gateway continues; with a completion target by the end of 2017, the bridge will relieve the serious congestion problems on the aged Silver Jubilee Bridge. BS Stainless were proud to supply a large amount of stainless steel tying wire for use on the project - as a market-leader in the field of steel wire, we were the natural choice for such a prestigious and important project.

The Mersey Gateway Project by Numbers

  • The Mersey Gateway Group was formed in 1994 and financial close was reached 20 years later in 2014, when work commenced

  • There will be six lanes to enable thousands of cars to pass each day, connecting Runcorn’s Central Expressway with the Eastern Bypass in Widnes

  • The location is 1.5km east of Silver Jubilee Bridge

  • Merseylink Consortium are responsible for the entire operation, from design & build through to bridge operation for the next 30 years

  • A cable-stayed bridge with three towers, the total crossing-length will be over 1,000 metres

  • A 20-year regeneration program for the Halton area will be kickstarted upon completion of the bridge

  • The private sector is funding more than 70% of the project

  • An estimated 4,640 new jobs will be created both directly and indirectly through regeneration activity

  • There will be a toll (Halton residents will be exempt) and vehicles will be limited to 60mph

It is clear just how important this long-term project is and standards have to be kept extremely high from start to finish. This is why the project managers have chosen BS Stainless to provide them with materials: professional quality is absolutely guaranteed and, no matter how big the order is, we can fulfil it on time and on budget, with impeccable customer service to boot.

No matter what the size of the industrial or commercial project, we can provide all the stainless steel materials and components you’re going to need. For smaller domestic and commercial projects, we recommend you visit www.­bsfixings.­uk, where you can order just the amount you need across a selected range of our fixings and fastenings.

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