5 Reasons to Join Forces with BS Stainless

If you’re in the market for stainless steel then you want to make sure that you’ve got the right supplier. And, if you’re wondering why you should choose BS Stainless as that very supplier, then wonder no longer; here are no less than FIVE reasons to let us take care of your requirements…

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  1. Our Reputation.
    BS Stainless recently celebrated its 20th birthday, marking two full decades of successful service to the stainless steel market. As with any business, building up a solid reputation is key to being successful and we made sure from the start that we were heading in the right direction. Over the past 20 years, we have carefully moved the business steadily onward and it is now recognised worldwide.
  2. Our Stock.
    We maintain an extremely high stock level at our premises in order to ensure that lead times are as short as possible and that prices remain at a consistent level throughout the many changes that affect the cost of stainless steel on a regular basis. Anything that we don't have can be quickly manufactured or otherwise sourced.
  3. Our Knowledge.
    Buying stainless steel products, especially in industry qualities, can be a bit of a minefield, with the many different types and grades causing confusion. That’s why our team are always on hand to offer clear, competent advice when it comes to getting exactly the right materials for any particular project.
  4. Our Flexibility.
    We know that every business is different and so will have different requirements in regard to things like delivery times, metal grades and sizes etc. We endeavour to work around you, making things as convenient as possible in any way we can. The extra mile is no distance to us at all and instead you’ll find that our staff go an extra ten, just to make sure.
  5. Our Range.
    We cater to a large and diverse array of clients and our range of products is therefore just as large and diverse. It doesn't matter what you’re making; whether it is high-precision springs, surgical or catering equipment, aeronautic devices, gas plants, oil rigs or anything else, we have got what you need to make it happen.

Browse our range today and call our experts for any further information you might need.

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