We're the Kings of Stainless Steel Wire and we Bring You... WIRE!

As the UK’s biggest supplier of all forms of stainless steel wire, it would be ridiculous (not to mention rude) if we did not attend and showcase our superlative range at an event named ‘Wire’, which is the most important event in the stainless steel wire calendar (yes, such a thing definitely exists and is much more interesting, lively and occasionally heated than you might think)


The event, which takes place yearly, Helps BS Stainless along with hundreds of other professionals in the field to keep a finger firmly on the pulse of the latest technological innovations and developments connected to our diverse and far-reaching sector of operation. A part of this dedication to being fully-informed, members of our team travel to important seminars, trade fairs and other events all over the world, such as the massive Gastech exhibitions and conferences.

All delegates and visitors to ‘Wire’ share one thing in common - they rely on metal wire as an integral component of their work. Our representatives will be there for the full week, visiting each day to attend seminars, discussion groups, product demonstrations and much more. Many recent innovations in the field will be unveiled, including a number of new special wires and news of developments in wire finishing, measuring methodology and process technology, with a particular focus on the tools used.

‘Wire’  is set to welcome thousands of delegates representing more than 130 countries all over the world. As well as the unlimited access to information in the field of stainless steel wire, the event offers a precious opportunity for networking and our own delegates would enjoy the chance to meet up with other visitors: if you are interested in connecting with us, and of course you are if you’ve read this far, then head to Wire 2018 where you will find details of the expo, our stand is in Hall  14 / B59. Hope to see you there!

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