Yamal LNG – Work Begins In The Arctic

Yamal LNG – Work Begins In The Arctic

In January, we published a news article about Yamal LNG which will be, when construction is complete by the end of next year, ‘the most modern LNG plant on Earth’. We are extremely proud to be supplying large amounts of stainless steel material and components to the project, which is reaching the end of one phase and moving excitedly into the next.

Construction on Yamal LNG started back in September 2013 – dedicated and custom-designed port facilities were first on the agenda. The structure itself then began taking shape, making full use of stainless steel plate, coil, strip and more, along with thousands upon thousands of fastenings. Here are all the details about the giant, essential LNG plant, which has already created a plethora of new jobs which look set to be only the first of many more to come.

  • Yamal LNG is in Sabetta, which is north-east of the frozen Yamal Peninsula in Russia, close to the Arctic Circle

  • Developed by Gazprom with the assistance of Chiyoda, Technip, JGC Corporation and Daewoo, along with countless other business such as ours, Yamal is expected to have consumed US$27bn, though this is a paltry figure compared to the effect it will have on the economy

  • As reported in our January article, trains were planned to be operational before the end of this year and all is going according to plan, with trains and other manufactured components now being shipped

  • The next phase involves the forbidding onshore work within the Arctic Circle, where the extreme environment demands tough solutions when it comes to insulation, cladding, sound barriers and metal jacketing. Products such as our unique range of solutions, including CoolMet, DryMet and SoundMet, could all feature prominently in the construction

  • Many more of our stainless steel fastenings will also be required including banding, tying wire, toggle latches, rivets, screws and wing seals

  • Though scheduled to begin operating in 2017, by 2021 the plant is expected to be running at full capacity and producing a massive 16.5m tonnes of vital LNG each year.

  • As well as the plant itself, an entire infrastructure has been created to serve its needs, including dedicated air and sea ports and an onsite power plant capable of kicking out a 282 mW jolt.

Throughout these changing, uncertain times for steel, one thing remains absolutely certain – we cannot live without the material. BS Stainless will, as we always have, continue to adapt and evolve, producing game-changing results such as our CoolMet and DryMet systems. For more information on the array or stainless steel materials and components required to construct ‘the most modern LNG plant on Earth’, click HERE.

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