Wireforming — Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire is incredibly versatile, from the cold heading wire used extensively in the fastener industry to the stainless steel tying wire and spring wire found in many types of machinery, structures and vehicles.

When wire requires accurate forming and shaping to create the product or component, stainless steel is the perfect metal thanks to its ductility, which is its ability to deform without breaking when placed under kinetic stress. As both the mechanical and material properties of the stainless steel wire can be precisely controlled, an optimum wire for each individual application can be efficiently produced with reliable, consistent quality.

Forming wire is often used in the manufacture of exhaust brackets, stainless steel wall ties for construction and welded mesh, along with an array of clamping, fixing and fastening processes. Stainless steel’s noted resistance to corrosion makes it idea for wall ties, which are under constant attack from moisture, particularly in coastal areas where salt, and therefore corrosion, levels are higher.

As the biggest independent processor and stockist of stainless steel forming wire in the UK, we can quickly provide access to all standard grades. As with our entire collection of stainless steel products, customisation is key and there are many options to choose from, including drawn/annealed, Electro Polishing Quality (EPQ - drawn with purpose-manufactured dies) and a selection of lubrication including soap, oil and metallic coatings.

Modern CNC (Computer Numerical Control) engineering has allowed the forming of very small/complex products using stainless steel forming wire, helping to drive progress across the medical, aerospace, catering and even artistic sectors. Wireforming continues to be an essential process and BS Stainless are proud to supply stainless steel wire of a quality that makes it the market leader.

Take advantage of our experience in supplying stainless steel wire. You can rest assured that consistently professional quality is guaranteed and our technical team are always available to offer expert advice and support.

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