Wire Wolf: The BS Stainless Mascot

If asked to name some of the qualities of stainless steel, most people would mention its superb strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. Though these properties are indeed key to the unmatched success of stainless steel as an industrial material, the fact is that the metal is relatively lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and can be easily malleable into the most delicate forms. It is these latter qualities that have seen stainless steel being used more and more as an artistic medium.

Candice Bees is an artist from the Newport area of Wales. She takes her inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and her talents have been recognised with a number of plaudits, including the much-coveted David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year in the urban wildlife category.

Some time ago, Candice was inspired to create a animal sculpture using stainless steel wire. She approached BS Stainless in order to source the right kind of wire and our team were able to advise her and fulfill her request. When she had finished her sculpture, Candice kindly shared photos of her creation and everyone at BS Stainless was absolutely amazed at her work. With an expert touch, Candice had crafted a stunningly lifelike representation of a hare using our wire.

We were so impressed by Candice's beautiful sculpture that we immediately commissioned her to create a new piece of work in a similar style, which would be used as the centrepiece of our stand at the WIRE exhibition and conference in Dusseldorf. We supplied her with plenty of stainless steel wire and looked forward eagerly to see what she would produce. We were certainly not disappointed!

Candice surpassed all expectations by producing a life-sized sculpture of a wolf using our stainless steel wire. As you can see from the image that accompanies this article, the wire wolf is extraordinarily beautiful, an opinion shared by everyone who saw the sculpture at the WIRE exhibition and conference. The wolf has become something of a mascot here at BS Stainless and will once again be taken with us to the next WIRE exhibition and conference in 2022.

You can find out more about the stainless steel wire we supply on the BS Stainless website.

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