Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is one of most commonly-used materials on the planet. The fact that it is so ubiquitous is testament to the metal's many salient physical properties and qualities, some of which are looked at in more detail in this week's edition of the BS Stainless blog.

Perhaps the most popular reason that stainless steel is chosen for so many applications is its impressive resistance to corrosion and high levels of hygiene. These qualities are due to the 'passive layer' that forms during the manufacture of the metal: for more detailed information on this topic, check out our recent blog article.

Stainless steel is particularly resistant to extreme temperatures, making it suitable for all kinds of industrial and commercial applications. Some grades on the metal are able to maintain optimum mechanical properties when subject to cryogenic temperatures, while others are designed to retain their remarkable strength in extremely high temperature environments.

The sheer strength of stainless steel is another reason that it is so popular, particularly in the building and construction industries. This quality is belied by the relatively light weight of the metal, which makes it cost-effective when transporting.

Another quality of stainless steel that ensures its popularity in the construction industry is its attractive aesthetic. Available in a wide range of surface finishes, stainless steel can also be polished to a mirror finish, making it as visually-appealing as it is practical.

Stainless steel has a remarkably long life-cycle, putting it way ahead of other products in terms of robust durability. A low-maintenance material, stainless steel is 100% recyclable: in fact, any given amount of the metal usually contains between 50% and 80% recycled material. These green credentials add to the popularity of stainless steel, particularly in these modern times where environmental awareness is at an all-time high.

BS Stainless is an expert supplier of all types of stainless steel materials and components and we have a reputation for always being able to provide exactly what is required. For more information about the properties and qualities of stainless steel, check out the BS Stainless website.

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