When it comes to insulation materials we dont lag behind

“Laggers” is a common description used for installers of Thermal insulation mainly in the UK but also overseas, often when UK engineers have traveled to countries as diverse as Australia, Kazakhstan and across the Middle East. The work can be for oil pipes, HVAC , LNG plants or as is becoming more common in the UK BIO plants or re-processing of waste to energy.

 As well as supplying a range of cladding materials used to lag over the insulation BS Stainless can offer a great range of products and advice to supply the correct metal related products. In addition to popular products such as lacing wire and banding, they offer special solutions such as Ultra springs for securing lagging around tanks with banding thus allowing for expansion of the cladding. As an alternative sometimes instead of or as well as securing with stainless steel banding and seals rivets can be used or screws. 

If rivets are required innovative solutions such as  “closed cup sealed rivets” which prevent water ingress keep the insulation like mineral wool dry. With the additional HNBR gasket they can even keep smoke out. If its screws you need there are many advanced and unique options for the lagger. 

Super self tapping screws are available in A2 and A4 stainless steel offering a thread that is 3 times as hard, meaning that there is no need to “tap” with  a carbon screw, this makes the process much quicker. If corrosion is an issue this is often more likely to effect the fixings rather than the cladding, with many areas in the UK close to the coast and chemicals. To prevent Galvanic corrosion Duplex screws which have a higher PRE value than A4 / 316 should be used to prevent failure. These are available in both self drilling threads and self tapping.

 With cladding or lagging available in aluminium, stainless steel, Aluzinc or type 2 Aluminized steel there are many options. Combine these with industry leading coatings such as DryMet moisture barrier, environmentally friendly alternatives to Bitumen produced from PVC, available bonded to metal VibroMet or on their own VibroMat for acoustic barriers. 

BS Stainless not only lead the market with materials for laggers they also have the technical knowledge to match. You can find out more about our ancillaries or our cladding or feel free to get in touch with our team for support

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