Using stainless steel banding

Stainless steel banding is used in many industries for a wide variety of uses, but in all cases its performance is key. Stainless Steel is designed to be long lasting and durable so when materials need securing in place stainless steel banding can be the perfect solution. The first decision is often the type of banding standard edge or safe edge. Whenever their is a risk of the material coming into contact with bare hands then safe edge is essential. This type is used for signs, waste bins, commercial Christmas decorations, cables and often offshore. The standard edge banding is widely used for the heating and ventilation industry and oil and gas insulation securing pipe metal jacketing or cladding on tanks.

The second decision is seal or buckle, stainless steel buckles are most popular for the sign industry where the diameters of posts are often small and the buckles with teeth are used. The most popular product to secure the banding in place is the knock down wing seal. Both do the same type of job and are installed in a very similar way often it comes down to personal preference, availability and price.

To fix the banding first cut to the required circumference usually allowing a little extra, then thread through a wing seal and folded back on itself. The banding is looped around the item to be secured this can be a signpost, tank, or even Christmas decorations. The other end of the banding is also fed back through the original wing seal. The tension is increased with a banding tool until tightly secured. Then the banding is cut leaving a short piece left just long enough to feed back through the original wing seal.

The wings of the seal are tapped down gently with a hammer to finish off a nice neat and very strong fixing. The banding will stay in place for many years, to allow for movement in the case of cladding expansion and compression springs can be added. The only way to remove banding is usually to cut through the banding strap, this shows how strong the hold will be.

You can see a video demonstration of how to fix banding below from our friends at BS Fixings.

We can offer a full range of banding to meet your demands from stock including Industrial insulation stainless steel banding  post fixing banding used for signs and litter bins or screw adjustable banding used in varied applications including securing street light access panels.

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