The Unique, Complete BS Stainless Jacketing Service

Making sure that stainless steel jacketing and cladding is fit for purpose is essential, as these components are designed to protect lives and property while ensuring vital work can continue uninterrupted. Such jacketing and cladding is checked to ASTM standards, which have recently been improved to offer even more protection.

BS Stainless receive many enquiries for stainless steel insulation material all year round and a substantial proportion of these request that the material be checked to ASTM standard A167 and ASTM 240. We receive  similar enquiries for materials and components made from aluminum and the majority of these requests specify that the material is checked to ASTM B209 (both of these ASTM standards refer to the properties of the metal).

Metal jacketing and cladding is extremely safe, versatile and cost-effective and so is in great demand as industry grows, driving standards ever higher in the process. Now, the aforementioned ASTM standards have largely been abandoned by the major FEED and EPCs, with the new and improved standard now being specified ASTM C1729 and ASTM C1767.

The new ASTM standards have been specifically designed to comprehensively cover  “Aluminum jacketing for insulation” which is ASTM C1729 or “Stainless steel jacketing for insulation” which is ASTM C1767; the reason that these phrases are quoted in all exactness is to ensure there can be no misun­der­standing and that the finished products being supplied are correctly described to the end user.

The different materials that make up the MET family of products, created and exclusively sold by BS Stainless, are all guaranteed to fully comply with ASTM standards; exactly as you would expect for a company of our stature and good reputation. The main products in the range are:

  • DryMet : this incorporates our Surlyn® barrier and we are extremely proud to inform readers that it has received a class ‘A’ rating in line with ASTM standards also refered to as a "Polyfilm" with the ASTM

  • CoolMet: the PVDF exterior coating that is mentioned by name in the standard. It can be successfully combined with DryMet to offer the ultimate protection

  • TedMet: again, this is a product expressly mentioned in the standards, where it is described as a PVF or laminate coating. It is designed for exterior use and can also be successfully combined with the versatile DryMet


BS Stainless have a unique global presence with the MET product family, being as we are the only company able to produce and supply the entire range in-house, using specialist, custom built machinery. We are able to supply “factory applied and heat laminate” of both Surlyn® and PVF simultaneously; our competitors, lacking our expert knowledge and practical nous, are forced to subcontract the PVF application which necessitates extra cost and waste no time. Our clients enjoy a competitive price and speedy production process thanks to this unique in-house processing line. Other coatings such as Polykraft which incorporates a paper into the barrier not suprisingly doesnt perform so well as Surlyn used in Polyfilm so Polykraft has a class 'C' rating compared to the Surlyn based Polyfilm (DryMet) which has an'A' rating

Don’t gamble with off the shelf imitations; tests have revealed that such ready made materials, often from China or India, are fake and do not offer adequate protection, risking workers health and even their lives, as well as preventing vital oil and gas processes from continuing as normal. BS Stainless work with DuPont™ directly and also have the ability to fully analyse coatings and ensure the ASTM standards are upheld.

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