The Sound of Power and the Power of Sound

Sound is pretty powerful stuff. And the instrument we most use to hear sound with happens to be the incredibly-sensitive ear. The bottom line is that sound above a certain level quickly starts to become unpleasant, then painful; if the sound increases or continues unabated permanent damage can occur.

As sound can be extremely loud and potentially damaging to the ear, it needs some serious acoustic barriers to keep it in the safe zone and that’s why these industries use Mass Loaded Vinyl bonded to stainless steel or aluminium, better known to innovators here at BS Stainless as SoundMet!


SoundMet was the first product that resulted from our partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. It’s better than in plenty of ways than the alternatives and here is just a small sample of those benefits:

  • It Works and Keeps Working: to a massive oil or gas facility with thousands of employees, downtime is serious bad news. Every minute can mean thousands of dollars lost and so it’s got to be right first time and SoundMet gives a perfect join

  • It's non slip: for vertical installations such as cladding, tanks, walls any slippage would normally result in the escape of noise and failure. With SoundMet, there is no slippage

  • Installation is Fast: in fact the time taken is cut by around half, as using SoundMet is like laying two layers at once

  • It’s Cost-Effective: SoundMet is manufactured right here in our UK factory on unique specialist machinery, recently installed for that purpose and representing a big reinvestment in our company

  • Tested pedigree: based on independent testing at Salford University, the performance of SoundMet is equal to, if not better than when the two products are installed separately

  • It Gets Better: if required, we can further improve the physical qualities of SoundMet, to suit Arctic-weather conditions (SoundMet Lowtemp) or with enhanced fire resistance (SoundMet Fire). You can even buy Mass Loaded Vinyl from us in it’s raw state, unbonded to another metal; this is known as SoundMat and is suitable for use in many more properties and premises that are not as thoroughly industrial as oil and gas facilities.

  • It's expandable: with SoundMets amazing qualities we are now looking to roll out this innovation to other areas such as tunnels, wall claddings, ducting’s and many other areas where noise can be an issue

  • It’s Not Alone!: Give our customer service team a call today to find out more about VibroMet and VibroMat…..

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