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What seems like a very long time ago now, the internet appeared in our lives. Quietly at first, it soon began to grow exponentially in every direction and now most of us conceive of the pre-internet world in a dim, abstract and disconnected way. Was there really a time when there was no internet? An entire generation has grown up, now adult and never having known a time without Google.

LNG Industry

Today, the rapid and lasting rise in the popularity of social media keeps many of us glued to our phone for hours. You hear people quite unsel­fco­nsci­ously making such wild claims as ‘I would die without my phone’ but for those people, the phone and internet-connectedness is a literal lifeline. What we seem to be neglecting is the very thing that the internet was created for in the first place: learning and sharing information (and not cat videos!). Back in the heady days of dial-up, the net was billed as the ‘information superhighway’ and, while it is still that, the information bit seems to have got a little obscured.

But, it’s out there if you know where to look and, as a valued customer of BS Stainless, you don’t even have to know that as we have done all the looking that needs doing. If you’re involved with any part of the LNG process, and a large proportion of our customers most definitely are, then there is a portal that you really don't want to miss. Doesn’t feature cute cats, crushable candy or any form of cute abbreviation (we were saddened to learn recently that the abbreviation TLDR for Too Long Didn’t Read has become acceptable, as if reading and learning in-depth were a chore) but DOES feature targeted, relevant and current information that affects you.

LNG is a rapidly-moving, always-evolving world and keeping one step ahead of the vanguard, or at least keeping pace with them, is essential practice. Getting all the info in one place can be time-consuming.. Wouldn’t it be great if it all came in the most mobile form ever invented, a magazine?

Introducing LNG Magazine which is the leading publication in the sector. An authoritative rundown of the latest developments and packed with essential facts, the magazine comes to you in both physical and digital formats once you subscribe and you get full access to the privileged info of the locked articles too. There’s also Oilfield Technology, World Pipelines and Hydrocarbon Engineering magazines available to subscribe to; you might want to get yourself a new magazine rack….

Not sure about shelling out for a year’s membership? That’s why the free trial was invented for! Get yours today.

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