The future for stainless steel wing seals

In 2015 we developed our innovative ECOseal an improved fixing solution for stainless steel banding developed by re-designing traditional wing seals.

When securing insulation in place such as Foamglas®, mass loaded vinyl or metal cladding and jacketing often it’s important not to pierce the substrate to allow water ingress. The solution is to tension stainless steel banding using a banding tool around the circumference. Once tightly secured the banding is trimmed with the cutter then the wings are hammered down to prevent the band slipping, in some instances expansion springs are used to allow further expansion and compression of the jacketing.

In the past there have been several issues with wing seals firstly strength is important with strong upward pressure on the bridge of the seal this naturally will want to open up or break. Secondly the wings themselves due to the size of them excess force is needed to secure this can result in damage to materials such as Foamglas®, Calcium silicate or cutting into the acoustic barriers made from vinyl. Lastly there is the weight the more steel is used then this needs energy for production, extra packing and shipping and more storage space.

The Ecoseal solves all these problems in one, in independent tests it’s proven to be 20% stronger than our standard wing seal yet has around 12% less metal content. It retains all the performance benefits in terms of corrosiveness  while been easier and quicker to apply, this saving time and money. In terms of storage and packing you can typically fit up to 25% more on a pallet and reduce shipping volume that’s why the this product is truly ECO friendly.

Since its inception in 2015 this product is now securing oil and gas plants around the world from Kent to Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea to Perth as word spreads demand continues to increase.

Ecoseals work along side other products in our Bandfix range used to secure our metal jacketing solutions.


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