Sustainable Excellence: UK Stainless Steel Supplier Earns Prestigious ISO 14001 Certification

BS Stainless, one of the most prominent stainless steel suppliers in the UK, has recently been awarded ISO 14001 2015 certification. The certification represents a significant leap in the leading company's drive towards sustainable business practices, underscoring their commitment to environmental responsibility and positioning them as a leader in the industry-wide pursuit to find and implement eco-friendly solutions.

ISO 14001 2015 is the official, inter­nati­onally-recognised standard for environmental management systems (EMS) and is designed to ensure that organisations of all kinds adhere to the most stringent business practices and thus contribute to sustainable operations. Achieving ISO 14001 certification is complex and challenging, involving numerous factors and requiring extensive investment. During 2023, the BS Stainless team worked extremely hard to meet these demanding requirements, which included:

  • Demonstrating a complete understanding of the organisation's context
  • Identifying and understanding both the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties
  • Defining and implementing a rigorous environmental policy which includes clear objectives
  • Identifying and subsequently controlling environmental aspects and risks, ensuring that there are strict control measures in place to minimise any potential impacts on the environment
  • Demonstrating total compliance with all applicable legislation
  • Showing that the environmental management system has sufficient resources dedicated to it and that awareness of and engagement with the system extends across the whole organisation as well as to relevant stakeholders
  • Putting clear procedures in place to ensure that any emergency which threatens the environment, such as fires or spillages, can be swiftly and decisively responded to
  • Ensuring continuous measuring and monitoring of environmental performance, including keeping detailed records of the amount of waste produced and the usage of resources like paper, gas and electricity
  • Evidencing that performance is continually evaluated across the board and that strategies are in place to facilitate further improvements wherever possible

As part of its continuing commitment to environmental responsibility, forward-thinking company BS Stainless has implemented a number of changes, including the installation of solar panels and LED lighting at its premises and the adoption of 100% electric-powered company vehicles. These changes, among many others, are already having positive impacts and these are set to increase in number as the leading stainless steel supplier continues to work towards complete sustainability.

You are invited to visit the BS Stainless website to learn more about the company's world-class portfolio of products and the diverse array of applications for which they are used all over the world.

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