Supplying a Global Network with Stainless Steel

BS Stainless supply stainless steel materials and components to clients across the globe and, when time is an urgent factor, we use air freight as the most efficient means of safely transporting products as quickly as possible.

Representatives from the BS Stainless logistics team recently spent a day at the freight terminal of Manchester International Airport gaining a greater understanding of the processes our materials undergo after they leave our premises.

Requests for urgent delivery often come from the oil & gas industries, when a new LNG or petrochemical plant is being built, upgraded or repaired. The materials we supply are often used relatively late in the building process and contractors are under intense pressure to finish on time and avoid costly delays. As well as the actual flight duration, there are many other aspects affecting delivery time such as arranging correct documentation to meet requirements and ensuring safe transport of the goods.

Teaming with the right partner is key to the process. The main forwarder that BS Stainless work with uses Emirates Airlines, widely renowned as one of the most reliable: it was the freight terminal of this airline that our representatives visited at Manchester International Airport.

Dedicated loaders using intelligent logistics are used by Emirates. Once loaded, aircraft ox carefully weighed to check that the maximum weight is not exceeded. If this occurs, only cargo that can still make its arrival deadline is removed. All standard security measures, such as x-ray scanning, are used on the cargo though stainless steel, due to its density, undergoes an extra test of swabbing to detect explosives.

All of the staff involved with packing goods to be shipped abroad are trained in the correct methods necessary to ensure airline safety regulations are met. We continue to work closely with air freight carriers to ensure that, wherever in the world you are, our components and materials can be delivered quickly, safely and successfully. Find out more about our customers and the products we supply on our website.

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