Steel Wire Mesh: The Way to Convey!

Stainless steel wire comes in many forms from welding wire to tying wire. The reason there are so many types of stainless steel wire is that the metal is particularly ductile; this means that it is pliable, non-brittle and can be easily formed without impairing its performance in terms of strength. A major use of stainless steel wire is for creating mesh of all different shapes and sizes to suit myriad applications across industry.

Perhaps surprisingly, one of the primary uses of mesh is for constructing strong, durable conveyor belts. As processes involving the manufacture and packaging of goods become more automated, the demand for wire mesh for the purpose of constructing conveyor belts increases. The material allows conveyors to be made that deliver light transfers and impressive positive drive, improving the quality and speed with which orders can be processed.

Conveyor belts made from stainless steel wire are ideally suited to applications involving pharamceuticals and those that involve direct contact with food. Hygienic and easily maintained, stainless steel mesh conveyor belts show zero reduction in performance even at extreme temperatures, all the while resisting chemical attack such as corrosion. The low belt mass of steel mesh conveyors reduces energy consumption, lowering costs and improving green credentials.

BS Stainless supply stainless steel wire to customers all over the world. Though demand has increased generally, outside of the UK customers in Spain, Germany and Italy have shown the most need for our wire and so stock levels have been enhanced to meet these requirements..

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