Stainless Steel Wire: Our New Machinery

Part of our commitment to continually enhancing our product portfolio involves heavy investment in better, more modern and more capable machinery. The latest addition at our premises is a brand new cut-to-length line which will allow customers to exactly specify the lengths of wire they need.

Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel Wire

Up until the installation of this new line, customers without the ability to form wire were limited to purchasing standard lengths (usually 4m) of stainless steel bar. This length was sometimes too short for requirements and, when the opposite was true and this length was excessive, wastage was the result.

We have a focus on investing in UK manufacturing and worked with a UK-based company to design and develop the new cut-to-length machinery. Coils of wire are loaded onto the production line and an exact length specified. The automated line then cuts the wire to this length, straightening it in the process and removing and burrs, resulting in super-safe, precision cut pieces of wire that meet EN 10278 tolerances.

Standard bright-drawn bars cut using this machine can vary in diameter from 2.0mm to 8mm, with length from a tiny 50mm up to a full 6,000mm. All stainless steel grades within our stock range are available and shaped wire (including square, rectangle and star-shaped) can also be produced, providing customers with the widest array of sections and bars to meet the most demanding applications.

Find out more about stainless steel wire on our website and get in touch with our expert technical team for further information.

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