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Back in March of 2012, BS Stainless reported that we had supplied a selection of our stainless steel wire to Robin Wright, an artist living and working in the UK. After using it to create truly outstanding sculptures of fairies, his imagination went wild and he has now created a whole family of fairy-folk, which are on view at Trentham Gardens, the famous and celebrated Landscape Park in Staffordshire.

Robin’s fairy sculptures are big news and the story has been picked up by Huffington Post, one of the most-visited websites in the world, meaning that our humble yet essential stainless steel wire, so often hidden away in machinery and insulation components, is now on view to literally millions of people! We are understandably very proud of this fact and would like to thank Robin for choosing BS Stainless to provide the raw materials.

As well as the exquisitely-designed fairies, Robin also creates dandelion ‘clocks’, the floating seeds of which are known to English folklore as ‘faery-wishes’. Although created as evocative scenery, these constructions are singularly beautiful and should be noted in their own right for their wonderful sense of delicacy and immediacy.

Robin’s original inspiration came from a photograph he took which, through a chance distortion of light, appeared to contain a winged creature resembling a fairy. His imagination was instantly caught and, after searching online, chose BS Stainless to provide samples with which he could make initial sculptures. Speaking directly to HuffPost, Robin said, “"I put one up in the trees along my drive, the people in the local village spotted it and it became a local landmark." He soon ordered more wire and the process of creating the well-received display at Trentham Gardens had begun.

Robin now regularly orders stainless steel wire, in a variety of gauges, from BS Stainless which he uses to create fairy sculptures for private customers. As the sculptures are almost always displayed outdoors, the exceptional resistance to corrosion displayed by stainless steel wire, along with its combination of strength and easy workability, makes it perfect for the job.

If you want one of Robin’s unique creations for yourself, be prepared to be patient! The standard-sized model takes at least 60 hours to construct, with larger models taking up to 80 hours. Even the smallest models take up to 30 hours to complete and of course there is a waiting list for his prized creations. You can visit www.­fantasywire.­co.­uk to find out more about Robin and his iconic work.

Stainless steel wire is, as shown here, incredibly versatile and we supply the product to many diverse industries. Whether you need one metre or one million metres of stainless steel coil, we can always provide the safest, best quality and most cost-effective solution, backed by our expert engineers and dedicated customer service team

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