Stainless Steel Wire: Facilitating the Arts

Over the past few weeks, the BS Stainless blog has been focusing on stainless steel wire and its countless applications. The applications we have looked at so far have been focused on the practical uses of stainless steel wire in demanding, specialised industries like welding, medicine and architecture: in this edition of our blog, we are going to reveal a more artistic side to the ubiquitous component.

Metal Music
No, we don't mean the sort that makes your neighbours bang on the wall and tell you to turn it down! Stainless steel wire is in fact the perfect material from which to make the strings of several instruments that you would find in an orchestra. The superlative strength of stainless steel wire allows it to easily withstand the high levels of tension required when stringing instruments like pianos, violins and harps.  In addition, stainless steel wire is extremely durable and so will not break easily when the musician reaches a crescendo!

Stylish Steel
Stainless steel is an incredibly ductile material. This means that it is not brittle so does not break when it is deformed and nor does it lose any of its strength. These qualities make it ideal for creating pieces of jewellery such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets; the artist is free to form and reform the material endlessly to create the most intricate designs. Furthermore, stainless steel has exceptional hygienic properties that set it apart from almost every other material (this quality goes a long way towards explaining why stainless steel is so widely used in the medical and catering sectors).

Culinary Creations
Preparing and cooking food is quite rightly regarded as an art in itself and so has more than earned its place in this list. Stainless steel wire boasts numerous properties that make it perfect for manufacturing a wide and diverse array of kitchen utensils, including the aforementioned high level; of hygiene. Other salient qualities include its resistance to corrosion (which could contaminate food), its ability to withstand strong cleaning chemicals and the fact that it continues to perform optimally even at extreme temperatures. Common kitchen utensils made using stainless steel wire of various thicknesses include whisks, skewers, slicers, baskets, sieves, strainers and many more. 

Stainless Sculpture
The combination of strength and delicacy displayed by stainless steel wire has seen the material grow in popularity among sculptors. Whether used to create large-scale installations, pieces of art you can hold in your hand or anything in between, the wire offers a visual aesthetic that is at once subtle and striking. BS Stainless proudly supplies wire to two artists — Candice Bees and Robin Wight — who use it to create very different but equally-stunning sculptures. Holding pride of place in our office is a life-sized stainless steel wire sculpture of a wolf which, created for us  by Candice Bees, accompanied us all the way to the Wire Trade Fair in Düsseldorf  and has since become our mascot!

You can discover more about these fascinating artists at their respective websites: http://­www.­candicebees.­co.­uk and https://­fantasywire.­co.­uk

For full details about the comprehensive array of premium-quality stainless steel wire products we supply, please browse our website. If you need any further information or assistance, please get in touch with a member of our dedicated technical team. 

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