Stainless Steel Wire and Its Recent Medical Application

As you well know there are hundreds upon thousands of applications where stainless steel has played a vital role. Perhaps one of the more important roles which it plays is its various medical applications.

Recently a friend of BS Stainless found their horse, Bailey to be in a pretty bad way after a failed jump which left him with a displaced fracture to his jaw. As our friend knew that Bailey had in fact hurt himself pretty badly it was decided that the vet needed to be called. As Bailey was a well handled horse but in a lot of pain he was sedated and placed under a local anaesthetic before the fracture was given a closer look.

Now you may well be wondering what on earth this has to do with BS Stainless however Bailey was actually suffering from a fracture to the front of his cheek teeth, the incisors. Obviously Bailey couldn’t be left like this and so stainless steel wire was inserted around his teeth on either side of the fracture in order to stabilise the fractured teeth and anchor them into place.

Bailey’s fracture was located in the front and therefore a notch was cut into his canine teeth and the stainless steel wire passed around to hold the incisors in place.

The sharp ends of the stainless steel wire were covered with an acrylic paste and it is this intra-oral wiring which can be used medically to stabilise fractures within this area. Stainless steel wire when used in a situation like this meant that there was stability, anatomic alignment and so Bailey could eat and drink.

Luckily Bailey is now almost fully recovered, stainless steel wire helped to save his life. Without the stability which it provided he wouldn’t have been able to eat or drink and would have slowly deteriorated.

Stainless steel is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion and so Bailey won’t need to have these replaced for quite some time – unless of course he decides to back out of a jump again and cause himself an injury which we hope he won’t!

BS Stainless specialise in the supply of stainless steel products. As a supplier of stainless steel wire we know that it is used in a wide variety of applications and medical applications. We wanted others to know that although to some it is simply a bit of metal to others it is the difference between life and death.

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