Stainless Steel Wire: A Matter of Form

BS Stainless is the UK's largest independent manufacturer, processor, stockist and supplier of stainless steel wire. Whatever the required application, we guarantee to be able to quickly and reliably provide exactly the right kind of wire for the job at an extremely competitive pricing level.

Stainless steel wire has many thousands of uses across the spectrum of industry, including the manufacture of welded mesh, exhaust brackets, springs and various clamps, fixings and fastenings. Wall ties also benefit from incorporating stainless steel wire as the material is particularly resistant to corrosion caused by rainwater.

Wire from BS Stainless is available from stock in a comprehensive collection of metal grades both ferritic and austenitic. As well as standard (EN descriptions) grades such as 302 (1.4016), 304 (1.4301), 430 (1.4016) and 316L (1.4404), we can also readily supply non-standard options including galvanised steel, cold-headed and duplex stainless steel wire.

Whether you require annealed or drawn wire, BS Stainless have got you covered. A full range of diameters is available and the material can be supplied with a range of lubricants including oil, metallic and soap coatings. We can also supply wire with a clean and oil-free surface as required.

All of our stainless steel wires are processed to be completely free of any surface imperfections like scratches, seams and pits. We offer EPQ (Electro Polishing Quality) wire, which is drawn using custom-created dies; this allows the wire to be post-cleaned and -polished without any shading differences between batches.

Discover more information about our range of stainless steel wire on the website and do not hesitate to contact our highly-experienced technical team for advice and support.

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