Stainless Steel Welding Wire - The Foundation of SkillWeld

SkillWeld, one of the most interesting and exciting events on welding sector calendars, is a national competition that pits trainee welders against each other in a gruelling test of their talents. High skill levels in MIG, MAG and TIG welding wire are essential in order to achieve the high score required to advance to the national finals.

The next competition begins in February 2015 with ‘passive’ heats but registration is now open and the buzz is building fast. After registering, competitors will complete test-pieces with their training providers; these pieces will then be independently judged and scored with the highest passive-heat scorers continuing through to the semi-final and, if their skills are proved, perhaps to the Grand Final.

The semi-finals will comprise ten trainee welders who will each have four hours to complete four weld tests. Past tests have included the welding of carbon steel pipe (MMA), aluminium plate to pipe (TIG), stainless steel 3mm fillet (TIG overhead) and carbon steel 10mm fillet (MAG vertical). A tough, uncompromising and strictly enforced set of rules ensure that the competition is fair and that nobody has an unequal advantage.

Birmingham NEC is the venue for the final and the closing date for entries is February 16th 2015. We look forward to seeing who will be crowned SkillWeld Champion.

When welding, it is essential to select quality welding wire that will provide professional and consistent results. BS Stainless are experienced providers of a comprehensive selection of stainless steel welding wire including standard MIG, MAG and TIG as well as flux-cored, submerged arc and robotic welding wires. All of these products meet and exceed the requirements of such specifications as found in BS, AWS and ISO EN standards, ensuring our customers can always buy with confidence in the knowledge that they are receiving the very best product quality, operator safety, customer service and competitive price.

To find out more about the stainless steel welding wire available to purchase from BS Stainless, please contact our skilled and experienced customer service team on 01772 337555 or email us at
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