Stainless Steel - The Foundation for Insulation

We have recently published several articles regarding insulation and the many benefits it can bring. A recent study by Ecofys, the authoritative consultancy agency specialising in renewable energy and carbon efficiency, has shown the massive energy-efficiency potential of industry and how short-term investment could lead to savings of more than €3.5bn a year.

The need to protect the environment for future generations is clear. In response to the threat posed by industry to the environment, EU leaders met in 2007 and created a set of energy and climate targets to be met by 2020. Within these targets, significant attention is given to reducing carbon emissions in all sectors of modern life, with a particular focus on industry and transport.

The Ecofys study shows that the annual energy-saving potential across industry equates to the approximate energy consumption of 10 million UK households. This potential is so large due to the fact that, on average, at least 10% of equipment in industry is poorly insulated, if at all. In addition to this, the insulation that is applied is often chosen for its low cost, barely meeting the absolute minimum legal requirements for health and safety and with thermal qualities based on generic heat-loss rates. It is clear that the energy efficiency of such systems has not been given any consideration whatsoever, which has led to massive waste. As fuel prices keep rising, a trend that is predicted to continue unabated, an increasing gap has become evident between cost-effective and current levels of insulation. As additional costs will be incurred to a business for going above the carbon emission allowance, this trend will be accelerated, further increasing the large savings potential.

The complete results of the Ecofys study can be found at

Thermal insulation must be securely and properly applied in order to function to its maximum potential and extensive use is made of stainless steel in this process. BS Stainless are world-class suppliers of a range of stainless steel products used in the installation of these essential insulation systems, including stainless steel banding, seals, screws, rivets, toggle and tying wire. We are proud to supply products to a diverse range of industries, helping to improve the environment and provide sustainability for the future.

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