Stainless Steel Surcharges Increase

With increased Nickel prices over the last month stainless steel surcharges in Europe have increased once again. The European stainless steel surcharges will increase form the 1st of June 2014. The increases have been widely anticipated with many distributors and end users purchasing any available stainless steel stocks in May. The most popular grades in the UK are affected as follows 304 £1113 (+ £137) 316 £1707 (+ £244). In the short term at least prices are expected to stay high, as we approach summer shortages of stainless steel may increase  due to holiday closures.

           EN  ASTM            VALUE
1.4003   4003 327
1.4016   430 356
1.4509   441 428
1.4512   409 295
1.4301   304 1113
1.4307   304L 1113
1.4404   316 1707
1.4541   321 1238
1.4571   316 Ti 1734

BS Stainless will endeavour to work with our customers worldwide to support were possible. If you have any stainless steel requirements for stainless steel plate, banding, strip, sheet or fixings please contact our sales team +44 (0) 1772 337555 or email  Nickel prices and other key metal prices are available on our web site home page, these prices are updated daily.

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