Stainless Steel Surcharges, September 2014

Stainless steel surcharges for September delivery have been announced by EU mills. Prices have remained relatively firm through the summer period. The figures show a slight fall for 316 stainless but slight increases for Ferritic stainless steel like 430 and 409. Currently many mills are closed for summer so demand for raw material is lower, prices are expected to remain firm for the time being.

The Indonesian Nickel export ban remains firm and a close eye is being kept on developments in Russia which could affect Nickel supply. Post summer if demand increases prices could increase again.  

           EN  ASTM            VALUE
1.4003   4003 336
1.4016   430 364
1.4509   441 433
1.4512   409 305
1.4301   304 1111
1.4307   304L 1111
1.4404   316 1693
1.4541   321 1235
1.4571   316 Ti 1720

BS Stainless will endeavour to work with our customers worldwide to support were possible. If you have any stainless steel requirements for stainless steel plate, banding, strip, sheet or fixings please contact our sales team +44 (0) 1772 337555 or email  Nickel prices and other key metal prices are available on our web site home page, these prices are updated daily.

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