Stainless Steel Strip: At the Cutting Edge...

Industrial work has inherent dangers and safety is the number-one concern on every industrial site. BS Stainless recognise that providing safe yet strong and effective materials can dramatically improve safety records and, with our commitment to raising standards, we created the safest precision-slit stainless steel coil available on the market.

One of the main dangers associated with using stainless steel strip coil is the risk of injury from sharp edges. As the material is undergoing production, a sharp edge (often referred to as a burr) forms; when being used, the coil's sharp edge presents a clear risk of injury and also hinders any subsequent welding process. Stainless steel strip with such unsafe edges make jobs take much longer, due to the extra time spent carefully handling the product.

Precision stainless steel coilOur state-of-the-art premises is thanks to a program of continuous reinvestment in the company. We own and operate machines which can easily produce large quantities of stainless steel strip that has been edge-dressed; this means that the sharp edges also called burrs have been totally removed and the product can be used safely and efficiently. Supplied under our ISO 9001 accreditation, all products from BS Stainless are guaranteed to exceed all health, safety and quality specifications. The finished coils can be wound in all manner of sizes, weights and even oscillated or processed into blanks.

For further information on our edge-dressed stainless steel strip products, please contact a member of our skilled team today. You can chat live online, phone us up or send an email and we will get straight back to you. 

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