Stainless Steel on a Global Scale

BS Stainless was established back in the 1990s, initially supplying stainless steel materials and components to the domestic market here in the UK. As the years have progressed, our reputation for reliably providing products of impeccable quality has continued to grow and BS Stainless is now the trusted supplier of stainless steel and a host of other metals to a diverse array of clients in more than 50 countries around the world. 

One of the key strengths that has allowed BS Stainless to expand into the global arena so successfully is the ability to evolve, working closely with our clients to meet their ever-changing needs and rise to new challenges. Stainless steel is such a versatile material that it is in constant demand across the scope of industry, with new markets and opportunities opening up all the time. The combination of our expert knowledge with an extensive network of trusted suppliers and leading organisations gives our clients the confidence they need when working with BS Stainless. 

Many of the countries to which our products are supplied are in the process of development, located on continents such as Asia, Africa and South America. The many properties of stainless steel make it one of the most important materials in these countries, where it can be used in countless ways to aid their growth.

The urbanisation of developing countries requires extensive use of stainless steel, with the material being used in the creation of everything from bridges and buildings to energy plants and transportation infrastructure. Durable and low-maintenance, stainless steel is one of the most cost-effective options for these and many more applications.

Another key property of stainless steel that makes it so important to developing countries is its naturally high level of hygiene. Many parts of such countries have limited access to fresh, clean water and good sanitation which can lead to serious problems in healthcare environments. Stainless steel can be used to create many of the medical instruments used in these settings, as well as various surfaces and areas in hospitals and clinics to enhance sterility.

Please browse the BS Stainless website to find out more about our company and customers, as well as full details about our comprehensive product portfolio and the numerous applications for which these products are used all over the world. 

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