Stainless Steel is the 21st Century Metal!

BS Stainless Ltd is always reporting to you about just how important stainless steel is to us within our daily lives. If you look around you will most likely be able to see something which has been made from stainless steel or what incorporates stainless steel in its design.

In the past the metal iron was used in a number of applications however as time went on and the iron was susceptible to the environment and other factors it corroded and caused massive problems. With this in mind research occurred and eventually it was found that when chromium was added to iron it created an alloy which is resistant to corrosion.

This alloy which they created was named stainless steel and since its discovery it has now become one of the most frequently used metals in a number of industries. There is a number of members which make up a family of stainless steel but they are all a massive part of our daily lives:

Chromium stainless steels, Fe + Ch are used for items such as cutlery and car exhausts. When Nickel is added to chromium stainless steels, Fe + Ch + Ni the result allows them to be used in even more applications such as for trains, in lifts and for surgical equipment as well as in catering, escalators and even beer barrels!

The addition of Molybdenum, Fe + Ch + Ni + Mo means that stainless steel becomes more resistant to corrosion. These stainless steels can be used in the most demanding conditions such as out at sea on oil rigs, grand structures and buildings, bridges and applications.

When stainless steel unites together with chromium, nickel and molybdenum as well as a number of other alloys it can be made stronger, more durable whilst remaining attractive and obviously retaining its high resistance levels to corrosion.

One of the most flexible and versatile materials stainless steel is definitely a 21st century metal! If you are looking to purchase stainless steel whether this is stainless steel wire, stainless steel banding or other stainless steel products then come to BS Stainless Ltd. We are independent suppliers of stainless steel and will supply this worldwide as we have done already with a number of very prestigious clients.

Take a look at this fantastic video which we literally stumbled across but it really shows off just how important stainless steel is and how much we use it in our day to day lives:

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