Stainless Steel Insulation Jacketing

The term ‘insulation’ refers not only to the insulation material itself but also to its securement, corrosion barrier and outer layer, commonly called covering, lagging or jacketing. Stainless steel and aluminium are the most advantageous jacketing materials, effectively protecting the insulation by preventing the penetration of moisture and providing support and an attractive aesthetic.

Aluminium shows excellent formability and has a low density, making it ideal for several jacketing applications. A choice of surface finishes, including smooth, corrugated and embossed, allows for easy aesthetic matching and suitability to a range of uses. Often used in low-temperature applications, aluminium offers great resistance to corrosion though is not recommended when fire is a hazard; for applications such as these, stainless steel is the preferred choice.

Stainless steel has a much higher melting point than aluminium and will therefore provide highly increased resistance to fire. This increased strength and durability offers great protection to the insulated system, prolonging exposure time before the occurrence of pressure relief. As stainless steel also provides a much higher level of corrosion-resistance than aluminium, it is the metal of choice in many applications where fire or intense heat is a possibility. Stainless steel is not only durable  with correct installation ensuring the jacketing prevents moisture ingress this is an important factor in preventing (CUI) corrosion under insulation.

Stainless Steel jacketing is typical fixed with stainless steel banding and wing seals this ensures that the outer jacket is not punctured. Stainless Steel jacketing systems are constantly improving one option is to have an internal moisture barrier bonded in the form of a high density layer of Polyethylene, one layer of Surlyn® and one layer of low density polyethylene. In addition by adding outer paints and laminates heat can be diverted away from the pipeline, this is especially important for cold work typically LNG.

Our extensive range of metals is designed to offer complete flexibility when installing essential insulation systems. Fabricated to the highest of standards and exceeding all official quality, health and safety specifications, our metals are supplied to a truly diverse range of clients including those involved with the chemical, medical, gas and oil industries. We have experience with projects for around the world from Australia to Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia to Isle of Grain (Kent, UK)

For more information on how are products can be used to create the most professional insulation systems, please contact our expert team by calling +44 (0)1254 681112 or by email at BS Stainless - your partner for stainless steel.

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