Stainless Steel in the News

Stainless steel is one of the most versatile materials on the planet, used in a multitude of diverse fields from construction to medicine and from catering to art. It is little wonder then that stainless steel is constantly in the news for a corresponding multitude of reasons.

In this edition of the BS Stainless blog, we look at some of the top news stories from around the world which feature stainless steel.

Sage Gateshead to be Renamed

Multi-use events space Sage Gateshead, home of the Royal Northern Sinfonia, stages over 400 performances and attracts over two million people each year. The venue was built in 2004 and, to celebrate its upcoming 20th anniversary, will undergo a massive rebrand including changing its name. The public are invited to offer suggestions for the new name and a decision is expected in autumn of this year.

Sage Gateshead is rightly described as a 'landmark venue' and its unusual shape has led to it be nicknamed 'the armadillo'. The building is characterised by its distinctive roof, which comprises 250 large glass panels and 3,00 panels fabricated from polished stainless steel.

World Champion Drummer Opens Summer School for Kids

Carl Williams holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest drummer, having managed an amazing 400 drumbeats in just over 20 seconds. Williams has been the Head of Percussion at the Rock Star Drumming Academy in Fife for the past 17 years and has recently announced his intention to run a summer school, offering one-on-one lessons to children in Rosyth. Attendees will have the opportunity to play on a custom-built drum kit which, made using premium stainless steel, is valued at around £24,000.

New Exhaust Pipes Revealed for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Top Italian exhaust-systems brand Zard recently revealed new exhaust pipes designed to work with the Harley-Davidson Tourers collection, namely the Glide, the King and the Ultra. The pipes are named 'Inox Slip-Ons' ('inox' is French for stainless steel) and are made from stainless steel. Designed to improve both performance and aesthetic appeal, the stainless steel exhaust pipes are finished with smart matte black ceramic paint and have been specially shaped to accommodate side cases without interfering with crucial moving parts.

New Artwork Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day

Emerging artist Kathryn Corbiere, who hails from Ontario's Manitoulin district, has revealed a new stainless steel sculpture that she was commissioned to create by the Toronto Stock Exchange. The finished sculpture, which was installed in the high-traffic front entrance of the exchange's office, stands at a towering 3.3 metres in height and represents a harvested section of birch bark.

The immense versatility of stainless steel can clearly be seen in this extremely diverse selection of recent news stories. To find out more about the stainless steel products we supply and the applications they are used for, please browse the BS Stainless website.

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