Stainless Steel in the Fight Against the Weather

One of the most important qualities of stainless steel is its extraordinary strength, which makes it one of the most common construction materials. It is also highly resistant to the damaging effects of corrosion. When conditions get really intensive, as has been seen recently with the unwelcome return to wintry conditions across the UK, the need for strength and durability becomes even greater; BS Stainless supply a large and diverse selection of components designed to provide that extra line of defence.


The mighty spring is becoming widely used in preference to standard expansion springs and delivers a massive increase in strength and durability. To give the ultimate protection, you can take it a step further with BS Stainless and use our powerful ultra springs. These can be used along with larger widths bands such as 40mm or 50mm.

Tying Wire

High winds can cause all sorts of damage and often carry objects miles from their original locations. Stone wool and mineral wool are particularly hard-hit victims of this but lacing wire can be purchased from BS Stainless with a size increase from 1 mm (20 swg) to 1.2mm (18 swg) or even as high as 1.6mm ( 16 swg).

Corrugated Sheets

You can’t control when and how hard the wind blows but what you DO have a certain amount of control over is the direction and path it takes. Corrugated sheets can be used to provide wind deflection, helping to direct its damaging force away from vulnerable areas. Secured using rivets, screws or banding.


Selecting the right grade is essential. 410 Tek screws also known as self drillers or Tek screws are commonly use across North America but are at risk of corrosion and could fail during a heavy storm. Duplex self-tapping screws are a much more reliable solution. Or as an alternative if self drilling screws are required use bimetallic for better corrosion resistance and strength.


Adjustable eccentric toggles are widely used offshore where winds often reach speeds much faster than those on land. With a strength of 3000 N/mm2, they are also ideal for onshore usage when extra protection is required. The performance is designed to function perfectly well during the most rigorous of weather and to meet standards such as NORSOK.

Don't leave anything to chance: purchase all these components and more from BS Stainless.

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