Stainless Steel in Construction: New Skyscraper Designs Revealed

Stainless steel is widely used as a construction material all over the world, prized for its myriad qualities such as strength, cost-effectiveness, aesthetic beauty and resistance to corrosion. Globally-renowned architect Frank Gehry has recently revealed some stunning visuals of two soon-to-be-built residential skyscrapers which will heavily feature the use of the versatile metal.


Originally, three Forma towers were planned. The design called for a theatre to be demolished, a plan which caused such outrage among city officials and Toronto residents that Gehry was forced to scale back the design to just two towers. Developers Great Gulf have said that the massive project should be completed by 2028.

The two towers of the Forma project both have different yet complementary forms. Taller than any residential towers yet designed by Gehry, the eastern tower will measure 262 metres in height while the western tower will be significantly taller at a height of 298 metres; this latter tower is a mere two metres shorter than the accepted threshold for 'super-tall skyscrapers', which stands at 300 metres.

Located on King Street West in the bustling entertainment district of downtown Toronto, the two towers will house luxury condos along with an extension campus to serve Ontario's College of Art and Design. The towers feature offset blocks which stack on each side of voids; these voids create the illusion that each tower is constructed of distinct multiple sections. Reflective, super-smooth glass surfaces will team with stainless steel cladding that features sculptural folds, designed to give the tower's facades a beautiful rippling effect.

Closer to home, construction-industry prospects are improving in a number of regions across the UK. The latest construction-market analysis from Glenigan shows that, in the North West, work 'in the pipeline' has jumped by a massive 44% in the last quarter alone. In the three months leading up to May of 2022, the total value of projects securing planning permission in the North West has hit £2.6bn.

One major planned project is a new commercial development at No. 3 Circle Square in Manchester. Work on the £87m project is expected to commence in the autumn. The second phase of work is due to commence at St. Michael's residential development, also in Manchester, in the latter part of 2022. This project is valued at over £100m. Stainless steel will be a major material used in both of these projects.

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