Stainless Steel for Insulation - Jacketing and Banding

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is already a major source of power across the globe and will become more so in the future as technology advances and the demand for Energy continues to grow. Stainless steel is an essential material in the production of LNG, particularly for insulation where it is used for cladding and banding.

The natural gas used to produce LNG is mainly methane. This gas is fed directly into an LNG plant where contaminants such as benzene, helium, carbon dioxide, water and hydrocarbons are removed before a condensation process takes place. Taking place at temperatures as low as −162 °C , the process must be facilitated by components of the highest quality that will safely meet and exceed health and safety requirements.

This conversion from gas to liquid makes the power source much easier to store and transport by reducing its volume by a factor of 600. LNG is of major importance to global economics and indeed forms the cornerstone of many countries’ economies. Currently, Qatar is the largest global producer of LNG (36.3 mmtpa recorded at the three RASGAS plants), closely followed by Nigeria, Russia, Australia and Algeria. Other countries high on the list include Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia, Indonesia, Oman and Brunei.

BS Stainless are specialist suppliers of a range of stainless steel cladding, jacketing and banding solutions to many active LNG plants around the world. Our superlatively-professional range of stainless steel sheet, Aluzinc material, stainless steel banding, aluminium coils, corrugated and perforated steels, mass-loaded vinyl and PVDF coated metals allows for any application to be perfectly fulfilled; with our competitive prices coupled with the trademark BS Stainless dedication to impeccable customer service, you would be hard pushed to find a better deal!

LNG plants are of incredible importance around the world and BS Stainless are proud to provide the necessary materials and components to facilitate their essential processes.

Find out more about stainless steel for thermal insulation applications by calling our skilled team on +44 (0)1772 337555 or email BS Stainless, your partner for stainless steel.

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