Stainless Steel Coil: Calculate with Confidence

Before commencing a project that will involve the use of stainless steel coil, it is essential that the coil's dimensions are accurately identified. The complex calculations involved make this process time-consuming and prone to error: to help, BS Stainless has created the reliable Coil Calculator. This invaluable tool makes the process a matter of rapid simplicity and is absolutely free to use on our website.

When we designed the Coil Calculator, we had user-friendliness firmly in mind. By simply entering already-known parameters, users can quickly and reliably calculate such figures as the overall weight, weight per mm, outside diameter and length of any amount of stainless steel coil.

The Coil Calculator offers many advantages to the user. One of these is that it allows potential customers working in stainless steel processes to determine if any given weight or length of stainless steel coil is suitable to fit a certain piece of machinery. They can then choose the correct standard size or get in touch with our team directly to arrange for bespoke stainless steel coil to be produced.

Another useful way in which the Coil Calculator can help is to determine exactly how many metres of material will be supplied when purchasing by weight. This is especially useful to customers who have a fixed requirement of linear metres of coil, such as when fixing jacketing or cladding around a pipe or tank's circumference.

On the same page as the Coil Calculator is a diagram of a stainless steel coil, on which the various dimensions are clearly labelled. This assists users to gather the necessary values required to operate the Coil Calculator. These values are inputted before clicking 'calculate' and receiving your results.

Check out our Coil Calculator on the BS Stainless website. If you need any assistance, pleases do not hesitate to contact our dedicated technical team.

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