Stainless Steel CE Marking - New Legislation

The Construction Products Regulation was passed into UK law on 24th April 2011. The regulation lays the foundation for the introduction of CE Marking on building products, which will become mandatory on 1st July 2013. From this date, all primary products including stainless steel sheet, bar, wire and plate must legally bear the CE mark in order to be sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The CE mark has existed since 1993. Any product bearing the distinctive mark is fully compliant with legislation set out by the EU and conforms to all of the EC directives which apply to it. When a manufacturer marks a product with the CE symbol, it is declaring that its product adheres to all of the health, safety and quality requirements required to do so. The product is then valid for free sale and movement within the EEA.

As with any new legislation, the details are complex and require studying to be fully understood. Several conferences and conventions have been held around the country in order to help businesses affected by the change and one of these was attended by the Managing Director of BS Stainless Ltd. Held at the Bethel Convention Centre in West Bromwich, the event was organised by the Stainless Steel Advisory Service  which is an essential service provided by the British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA). Alan Harrison from the BSSA provided extensive information about the new CE marking requirements for stainless steel within the construction industry and answered many questions about the complex subject. All attendees learned a great deal at this useful event, which was also a welcome social networking opportunity.

Attending such events is one of the ways in which the BS Stainless team remain at the forefront of the market. We believe in providing the most modern and up to date service to our customers, our engineers and quality department are currently reviewing all procedures. Making sure our staff are completely conversant with the new legislation is a priority.

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