Stainless Steel Anti-Bacterial Material

Stainless Steel Anti-Bacterial Material
Stainless Steel that has Anti-bacterial properties and is easy to clean is in demand.

With the growing demand to prevent germs in many applications the focus on developing stainless steel coatings has been very important.

Now we are able to supply a stainless steel material that is effective against most common bacteria’s including e-coli, Micrococcus Luteus, MSRN.

The material is not affected by cleaning or by forming and is also stain resistant. This product is ideal for use in Hospitals, Kitchens and food preparation areas. There are many more areas that this product might be used in as the desire to eradicate germs grows. The product is also very easy to clean so finger prints are wiped off very easily.

The product can be supplied in sheet or blank form to your requirements in various grades although minimum quantities may apply.