Stainless Steel and the COVID-19 Housing Boom

Though many companies and businesses have suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction industry looks set to become stronger as the housing market becomes increasingly valuable.

Recently released figures from Halifax show that the average price of a home rose by 1.6% to over £245,000 in a single month, the fastest rise since late 2016. Nationwide Building Society also reported a record high, with house prices on its index rising by 2% to almost £225,000.

Several other surveys and reports also suggest a rapid and significant pick-up of the housing market since it reopened in May. Prices have been boosted for a number of reasons including the release of pent-up demand, the UK government's announcement of a stamp-duty 'holiday' for properties up to £500,000 and buyers' desires to move to larger properties after the dramatic rise in homeworking.

As stainless steel is such a versatile, robust and cost-effective material, the construction industry uses it in massive volumes for many different purposes including in the fabrication of lintels, wall starters, timber frames, cavity wall ties, nails, screws and sundry fixings and fastenings. Even cavity trays themselves are now being made from stainless steel, in order to meet new fire regulations set out by the UK government for certain buildings and accommodations.

BS Stainless can supply a wide range of stainless steel materials, including plate for lintels, laser cut components including brackets and strip coil for cavity ties and wall starters. Our wire can be used for a wide array of products from wall ties to tying wire and we can also supply round and square stainless steel tube in full lengths or cut to size, perfect for use with insulation and building fixings.

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