Stainless Steel & Aluzinc Sheet & Plate

Since BS Stainless was formed many moons ago, we have diversified, expanded and evolved almost beyond recognition! Our product portfolio is bigger than ever before and we are particularly successful with out most modern, unique-to-us inventions such as SoundMet. In the glitz and glamour of the whole Met family of products, however it’s important to remember our roots. Turns out this is easier for us than for our customers…

Stainless Steel SheetStainless Steel Sheet

We can't ever forget our roots, because they are of course still an active, thriving part of the BS Stainless family tree. Along with the more contemporary creations, we have continued to supply stainless steel in all of its many guises, from different forms to optimised alloy mixtures. This includes what is arguably one of the most fundamental forms used in metalworking - stainless steel sheet and plate.

Some of our past customers recently expressed surprise that we here at BS Stainless sold sheet and plate; some of these customers were previous buyers of the very same stuff! Perhaps they thought that the plate and sheet was just too lowly and down-to-earth to take its place among space-age SoundMet but the latter would never have existed without the former.

We have, in fact, an extremely impressive amount of stainless steel sheet and plate of varying sizes and anything we don’t have we know where to lay our hands on. The stock is steadily depleted and restored as a wide spectrum of industry relies on weekly input of sheet and plate, particularly those involved with construction and industry insulation. Stainless steel sheet and plate is so enduring a form in metalworking due to its ease and reliability of cutting and bending into any given shape.

We also continue to supply vast quantities of Aluzinc in sheet, coil and strip form, which is just as popular as it always has been, especially for roofing and cladding purposes. It’s plentiful, strong, cost-effective and easy to work with: four out of four ain’t bad!

Of course, our superior logistics teams are able to supply your aluzinc/­stainless steel plate and sheet the very next day, along with anything else you might need that’s made from everyone’s favourite metal.

All the info on sheet and plate is HERE. All the info on stock levels is in the minds of our expert team. Call them today.

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