'Stainless Steel - 100 Not Out!' Campaign Continues

The BSSA (British Stainless Steel Association) are continuing with their 'Stainless Steel - 100 Not Out!' campaign which, as part of the centenary celebration of the invention of stainless steel, is highlighting some of the many ways in which the versatile and durable metal has shaped modern life and how it is impossible to a imagine a world where stainless steel did not exist.

The fifth stainless steel application focused on in this absorbing and informative campaign is that of heating water. Raising the temperature of water and storing it in the home is an essential part of civilised life and stainless steel makes an ideal material for manufacturing the many components utilised by these systems. Pressurised cylinders fabricated from stainless steel are particularly important as they allow the constant flow of hot water to several outlet points at the same time. Users of systems without these components will be familiar with the sudden and shocking change in water temperature that can occur whilst showering when another tap in the house is turned on. The cylinders are usually formed from lean duplex stainless steel, a metal with several benefits over copper; stainless steel is more durable, lightweight and cost-effective. The excellent corrosion resistance exhibited by stainless steel gives an extensive service life.

The next application highlighted the common factor between two very different places: A Buddhist temple in Thailand and Blackpool seafront. Both of these impressive constructions make extensive use of stainless steel rebar, a rod used to reinforce concrete. This way of strengthening concrete offers an incredibly long lifespan and is therefore the method of choice for demanding structures that are intended to last.

We look forward to the continuation of this series and the developments of this coming year which, as the 100th anniversary of stainless steel's discovery, is highly significant.

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