Spring Into Action with BS Stainless!

For many thousands of years, the humble spring has been facilitating human endeavour and is manufactured in a dizzying array of materials, types and sizes for different applications. As part of our professional stainless steel product portfolio, we supply a wide selection of the energy-storing devices along with our signature stainless steel wire for bespoke spring-making.

History of the Spring

  • Although we tend to think of the common coiled variety when we hear the word ‘spring’, many non-coiled types are also technically springs. This includes the bow which is used to fire arrows and is the simplest type

  • People in the Bronze Age used tweezers, which is also a sprung device

  • The inventor and mathematician Ctesibius lived from 285-222 CE and was the first person to develop a bronze alloy with spring charac­te­ristics. He used an innovative process to mix tin with bronze, the result of which was casted and hammer-hardened

  • The familiar coiled spring appeared in the 15th century and was used in door locking mechanisms. Spring-powered clocks also came into production in this century, paving the way for wearable watches some time later

  • The unique properties of springs have always been of interest to academics and physicist Robert Hooke is immortalised in Hooke’s Law, which states that the force a spring exerts is proportional to its extension

Our collection of quality springs includes:

Steel super springsStainless Steel Compression Springs

Designed to easily withstand corrosion and strong winds, these austenitic springs are ideal for a range of heavy-duty purposes including stainless steel banding applications, securing metal jacketing to tanks and vessels. Supplied fully-assembled, these are often known as Mity Springs and come complete with all required components

Expantion springStainless Steel Expansion Springs

Also referred to as Chil or Breather Springs, these are used extensively in the oil & gas industries. A particular use is with stainless steel banding systems for securing metal pipework jacketing over essential insulation.

Spring wireStainless Steel Spring Wire

Creating high-quality bespoke springs is made simple with our professional spring wire. Expertly-manufactured to deliver accurate straightness combined with exceptional elasticity, our spring wire can be supplied with a choice of surface finishes from polished to matt; we can also supply resin or NI coatings on request.

Call us now for advice and support on choosing the ideal springs and spring wire from our stainless steel suppliers. BS Stainless: your partner for stainless steel.

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