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What is the latest steel fixings innovation that could make your project succeed faster and more efficiently? Which products are currently the best-sellers and so are attracting exciting price discounts? How can stainless steel banding securely bundle items of the strangest shapes? You've got the questions – BS Sainless have the answers! There’s loads of ways to get them but if brevity is best then Twitter is the way to go – so let’s hear you Tweet at us and we will Retweet and Tweet back!

Maintaining an active Twitter account is now a standard practice for many companies - it gives is an instant, informal and up-to-the-minute way of reaching our dedicated customers en masse. This lets us deliver a whole host of useful pieces of information, from tips & tricks to special offers, product launches, important news and industry developments.

In the stainless steel sector, one thing we are never short of is news. There is always something going on as new products are developed and existing products optimised, constantly improving the range of choice immediately available at your fingertips. Of course, BS Fixings continue to offer some of the most competitive prices seen today - with absolute professional product quality guaranteed along with our signature impeccable customer service, you're going to have a positive experience with us every single time whether you buy a box of nails or a mile of welding wire.

Chances are that you are one of the 332.000,000+ active Twitter users but how much do you know about the social media site? Check out the facts right here.

  • Twitter is the brainchild of a team of just four people, who took the site from conception in March 2006 to its launch in July of the same year

  • Just six years later, in 2012, more than 100m users were sending 340m Tweets a day, making over 1.5bm searches and firmly establishing the hashtag device used by everyone from Asda to Amazon

  • Twitter is a constant feature on the top-ten most-visited websites on the planet and doesn’t look to be losing any of its popularity soon - hundreds of new Twitter accounts are created every single day and the network of information just keeps growing and growing...

Get linked up to our Twitter right here and start getting bite-sized chunks of useful, money-saving, project-facilitating info direct to your news feed. You can follow us via Facebook and Google+ as well - plus don't forget our newsletter!

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