S1 Sorter Arrives at BS Stainless

Although to the human eye the S1 Sorter machines may look fairly simple in actual fact they start at around £15,000! Why have we purchased one of these? Well in fact when you purchase stainless steel you receive a certificate which tells you the chemical and physical composition of the stainless steel.

This becomes extremely important for traceability, once customers receive materials then different grades can look physically identical and so the customers rely on us for full traceability. This runs in line with ISO 9001, it was for this reason which we decided to invest in the S1 Sorter.

A clever machine it will help us to re-enforce our commitment to quality; with this device we can confirm the specification easily and this is handy for smaller items like wire, screws, springs, nails and cut pieces which often look very similar and pose most risk to being mixed.

BS Stainless are always going one step further and so through this S1 Sorter we can now go over and above our standard commitment to issue test certificates. Customers can be sure that once their products have been used in applications like the oil and gas industry it will not corrode and result in high costs.

The machine once it has done its magic connects to a PC so that a hard copy or report can be printed and also there is the option to email this too! BS Stainless is always looking out for latest technologies which will aid us and therefore our customers can get the best service. The S1 Sorter offers just that - state-of-the-art technology beneath a very tough shell!

For Stainless Steel grades you can rely on then come to BS Stainless please contact us on +44 1254 681112 or email info@bsstainless.co.uk

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