Rolex watches and Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel finds itself in use for many applications, even one of the most well known watch brand, Rolex are using it in their watches.

What is Rolex?

Rolex was founded by Hans Wilsdorf a man who was very heavily involved within the world of Swiss watch making in the 20th century. This was a time when the pocket watch was in use and Hans had dreams of a watch that could one day be worn on the wrist, they were in existence but were neither reliable nor precise and he wanted the future of them to be much brighter.

Hans then started producing watches with the main focus upon small and precise movements. Then in 1910 the first Rolex watch was created his specific quest for reliability meant that the watch was made chronom­et­ri­cally precise and four years later in 1914 Great Britain awarded the Rolex wrist watch “Class A” Precision.

This was the foundation which put Rolex on the map as a match brand and today it’s brand is known worldwide and is thoughts are of high quality, elegance and obviously precision.

The use of Stainless Steel in Rolex watches

Rolex uses a 904L Stainless Steel in their watches, in comparison other high end watch companies use a 316L Stainless Steel. Both of these have the same grade of hardness however the differences come with the 904L having a higher Nickel content. This means that it becomes slightly more resistant to corrosion.

This particular stainless steel is often used within industry applications where toxic materials are concerned. Now whilst the use of this may seem a bit over the top for use in wrist watches it goes to show that in the world of Rolex – only the best will do!

How do I keep my Stainless Steel Rolex Clean?

Keeping your Rolex clean is obviously an important matter, but how do you do this without damaging it. Dirt can build up on the watch dulling the shine of the beautiful stainless steel so here are some top tips from us at BS Stainless because when you know how – stainless steel is easy to clean and keep looking tip top!

Firstly, make sure that you screw the winding crown and push all buttons on the watch down before you clean it to avoid any water entering the watch and ultimately making it cease to work.

  1. Pour some hot water into a bowl and add to this a few drops of mild soap.
  2. Get yourself a lint-free cloth and dip this into the water and rub it over the band of the watch.
  3. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean in between watch band links and around the watch face using your damp cloth to cleanse the watch surface.
  4. Rinse the watch in warm water – most of the Stainless Steel watches are waterproof if yours isn’t then just wet the cloth in clean water and wipe it over.
  5. Dry the watch off and then use a hair dryer to dry in between the bands before giving it a final wipe over and putting it back pride of place on your wrist.

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