Stainless Steel Rivets

Stainless steel rivets for industrial insulation applications and metal jacketing.

BS Stainless supply a wide range of stainless steel rivets including 304 (A2) and 316 (A4), the standard dome head blind rivet has a stainless steel body with a steel mandrel (stem), as an alternative they can be supplied all in stainless steel or for specific applications in Duplex or Monel.

These rivets are sometimes referred to as a “pop” rivet. We can also supply closed seal rivets for offshore applications and a 100% water tight solution in both duplex stainless and  316 (A4) see below video. Our rivets are widely used in oil and gas  applications from tanks, vessels, pipework to offshore rigs.

Products are sourced around the world from suppliers who meet the Group's stringent quality requirements. Detailed analysis is carried out of these suppliers to ensure quality is maintained.

The materials to be riveted only have to be reached from one side, which explains the term “Blind” riveting. The rivet is made of two parts namely, the body (shell) and the mandrel (stem). The body is deformed when the rivet is set and it is this part, which clamps and holds the materials together securely. Order stainless steel rivets for next day delivery in the UK or for courier deliverys around the world Buy Now.

Standard Blind Rivet Sizes:

  • Length: 4.0mm to 70.00mm.
  • Grip Range: 0.5mm to 50mm.

Closed Cup waterproof stainless steel rivets

A long time in testing now released for sale our closed cup stainless steel rivets are the first ones that are 100% waterproof. They are manufactured from a combination of stainless steel AISI 316 / 1.4401 and Duplex AISI 318 L they also incorporate a unique HNBR washer (gasket). HNBR meets the gap left by NBT, EPDM and Neoprene to operate at higher temperatures, resistant to many oils, sour gas and dilute acids with good abrasion resistance it can operate between -30°C to + 150°C (-20°F to + 302°F), Silicon free and UV resistant.

The CUP sealed blind rivets are made of 316 stainless steel for the body and the mandrel from 318L Duplex and tested to demonstrate 100% waterproof. To show how they compare we have a video that uses the same size of stainless steel rivet produced in the most popular type of blind rivet, these are widely used for metal cladding and jacketing for pipelines and tanks in the oil and gas industry. The video clearly shows the water seeping through the traditional blind or pop rivet, yet our closed cup rivet remains 100% waterproof with up to 1 metre of water. This is key especially in offshore applications were water ingress can easily lead to crevice corrosion resulting in failure of the system and expensive replacement. As a result of these development many future on and offshore projects are expected to propose our closed cup waterproof stainless steel rivet. We can also supply Aluminium rivets, zinc plated rivets, cordless riveting tools and hand rivet tools. These rivets come in many types including standard, multi grip, rainbow (coloured), cup, grooved (Rili), star, Tri-go, Tre-go, mass and hammer.

Aluminium Rivets

Aluminium rivets are an ideal lightweight yet secure way of fixing multiple materials perfect for aluminium sheet.

Stainless Steel Closed Cup Rivets

Stainless steel closed cup rivets for industrial applications to prevent water ingress.

Stub Drill bits

We supply the highest quality drill bits for sheet metal work including stainless steel.