Painted Stainless Steel Now Available

Painted stainless steel is now the new in thing within the stainless steel industry. You can have it painted in any colour so that it fits in with company branding or even environmental factors. It is painted stainless steel which has opened up even more possibilities and also more choice to customers all over.

Already BS Stainless Ltd has supplied painted stainless steel to a large number of clients. It keeps in mind both the aesthetic requirements of architecture whilst remaining functional, strong and resistant to corrosion.

BS Stainless now have painted stainless steel available, we can provide all customers with a colour consultancy to ensure that the colour is perfect and when your painted stainless steel is delivered to you it will be just what you expected.

Varying industries can benefit from painted stainless steel; used in the building industry for its aesthetic appeal this product is ideal but it is also used within the gas and oil industries and one of the leading oil suppliers actually has all their pipes and tanks painted stainless steel in a very specific grey colour.

For customers who need painted stainless steel in order to fit in with an existing colour scheme, logos or for environmental blending then painted stainless steel from us is ideal. Standard coating is PVDF with a smooth 25 ┬Ám coating. There are around 12 standard colours but others can be produced to order, its also available in different thicknesses.

Sufficient durability needs to be achieved in order the meet the requirements of the service environment and other associated operating conditions. It is therefore of extreme importance that the correct paint is selected to create painted stainless steel.

In addition we already supply Blue stainless steel banding , we can also supply other colours to order to match the cladding or metal jacketing.

For more information and advice then contact us today and discuss your specific requirements for painted stainless steel in a whole range of colours call us on +44 (0) 1254 681112 or email

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