Our Warehouse Manager Trades Steel for Carbon Fibre!

In his hands-on job as Warehouse Manager for BS Stainless, Ian Harling works extremely hard and so you’d think he would spend his spare time doing something relaxing. And you’d be wrong! Ian loves to cycle and is preparing for the ride of a lifetime…

Every day, Ian Harling is surrounded by stainless steel and aluminium so it’s probably not too surprising that he fancied a change an opted to use a carbon fibre bike for his upcoming cycle challenge! Despite having taken up cycling just a few years ago, Ian has already notched up an impressive 4600 miles in total last year and will be adding a cool 512 miles to it very soon!

Ian’s longest ever bike ride is 109 miles, which included 9,500 feet of climbs. The ride he will be taking on soon is a massive 512 miles and will take him 7 days, totalling over 56,000ft in climbs. We are tired just typing it! Having ridden his trusty bike in a few different countries, he admits that he has never taken on anything quite like this and is looking forward to the challenge.

The route includes two famous peaks, the Alpe d’Huez at 3,513ft and Mont Ventoux at a stunning 5,377ft. He has never cycled up quite such a gradient before but has successfully ridden up the Great Dunn Fell near Appleby in Cumbria, in a single ride.

So, why is Ian putting himself through this ordeal? In order to raise as much money and awareness as possible for the Rosemere Charity and Blackburn Youth Zone. Every turn of Ian’s pedals will be making much needed cash for the organisations, and YOU can help him to raise even more with your sponsorship. To get involved and show your support, just visit Ian’s page at http://­uk.­virgin­mone­ygiving.­com/­IanHarling and sponsor him for as much as you can afford to.

We wish Ian all the best for his epic bike ride and look forward to hearing all about his adventures when he returns: make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to find out how it went and how much Ian raised!

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