Stainless Steel Baby Bottles - Safe and Stylish

Baby bottle

A growing awareness of the harmful chemicals that can seep into liquid contained in plastic bottles has led to a need for an alternative. Once again, stainless steel is ready to bridge the gap and many bottles are now made from the versatile metal. The latest innovation to hit the market is stainless steel baby bottles, helping to ensure that children are not exposed to potentially harmful plastics.

The stainless steel baby bottle is produced by organicKidz, a company that seeks to create a healthier, more organic parenting experience. As well as being supplied with silicone teats, the bottles also come with a convertor lid that makes them into ideal water bottles for older children.

Stainless steel is widely used in the food and catering industries thanks to its many qualities. BS Stainless are proud suppliers of stainless steel strip coil, stainless steel blanks and other materials to these industries and all of our products meet and exceed the strict health & safety specifications imposed by the industry.

16th February 2015, 4:59
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