Nerves of steel

More than two thousand years ago, the First Olympic games were held in Greece. Vastly different from our modern interpretation, the games were only open to male speakers of Greek and featured events such as chariot racing and the gruelling hoplitodromus - a sprint wearing full body armour. Winners were rewarded with laurel wreaths and, because the events were meant to celebrate the achievements of the human body, athletes often competed nude. Although today’s athletes may not have to deal with such things, the nervousness they feel is as strong as their ancient counterparts as they prepare to do battle in the world’s largest sporting event.

As technology has advanced, the Olympics have become a huge and lavish spectacle viewed by millions of people. Athletes travel from all over the world to compete in a wide variety of events and the logistics involved in making this happen are incredibly complex.

BS Stainless are proud to have contributed to this world event. Our products are being used by many construction companies who are involved with various aspects of the 2012 London Olympics. They will be using our stainless steel for catering equipment, architecture, fittings and ducting along with machines, turnstiles, handrails and more.

Even more exciting is the creation of a sculpture on the plaza of the handball arena in the north of the Olympic Park. This stainless steel and glass construction will comprise three letters, each nine metres high, spelling out the word ‘RUN’. During the day, light will create a mirrored effect, reflecting the Olympic Park. Then, as night falls, the letters will become transparent and LED lighting installed inside them will be revealed.

As it is incredibly strong and resistant to corrosion, stainless steel is often a chosen material in the construction industry. It is extremely durable and requires little maintenance, making it the ideal solution for a great number of projects. Resistant to both low and high temperatures, hygienic and easily given various aesthetic finishes, stainless steel is also ideal for use in the catering industry.

BS Stainless continue to supply all kinds of stainless steel products including wire, banding and sheets. We offer a high level of service and quality to our customers and are particularly proud to be supporting this year’s Olympics.

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